On the Internet, all kinds of medical information are credible, and how can you confirm the accuracy and reliability of this information? In an era when fake information is flooding the Internet, the most convenient way to obtain correct and reliable medical information is to consult a doctor in a relevant specialty. However, the high medical expenses prevent us from frequenting the hospital.

In order to eliminate false information on the Internet, we resolutely established the first medical-focused podcast platform in Malaysia to obtain accurate and reliable medical information.

Health waits for no one. Illness comes like a mountain. Illnesses are like landmines hidden in the hidden corners inside human body, and we don’t know when they will explode. Therefore, on this platform, we strive to share medical knowledge with the mass public to promote public awareness, so that everyone can prevent problems beforehand.


In order to ensure the rigor of the podcast content, Doctorsays360 verifies the professional qualifications of each doctor, and requires them to submit medical professional-related diplomas, current institutions, hospitals, etc., until the information is confirmed to be correct before granting them eligibility to publish content on this platform to provide the audience with the most accurate medical information.

Doctorsays360 has no direct interest relationship with doctors. It only provides a platform for doctors to record professional medical experience and knowledge into podcast content. At the same time, the content shared by the doctor does not represent the position of Doctorsays360. If the audience feels uncomfortable with the content or spots any copyright infringement, please contact us via the following e-mail with relevant information. We will check the content and take appropriate action.

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